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Safe Crisis Management Europe is a member of the BILD Association of Certified Training and complies with the Restraint Reduction Network Standards 2020. We are committed to providing high quality training and guidance across the United Kingdom and beyond. The training has been designed to support those who provide care to individuals who may at times become distressed, and who may use coping strategies, act or behave in a way that puts themselves and/or others at risk.

To put trust in our carers to provide nurturing, opportunities for growth and development, we must provide them with the skills and scaffolding to do so. SCM Europe training is built on rights of the individual and acknowledges each individual’s trauma history, by demonstrating an understanding of the vulnerabilities of trauma survivors, avoids re-traumatisation and delivers services to address the individual’s trauma.

Safe Crisis Management Europe provides a continuum of interventions that are based on the principle of the “Least Restrictive Alternative”. The least restrictive approach is using the least amount of restriction necessary to manage behaviour that is “harmful to self or others”. SCM Europe is designed to reduce these emergency intervention situations, with an emphasis on reducing the need for restrictive practices in line with The Promise and Restraint Reduction Network Standards.

The Safe Crisis Management Europe curriculum is consistent with legal and professional standards, and regulations for behaviour support and intervention. The curriculum is focussed greatly on theory, although does provide physical skills to manage potentially dangerous situations as a very last resort if all else has been unsuccessful. It is recognised that there are risks associated with all physical interventions and that is why physical interventions must only ever be used as a very last resort and may only be used when there is imminent risk of harm to self or others. SCM Europe has all physical skills in the curriculum assessed by an independent chartered physiotherapist.

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Training can be tailored to suit organisational requirements which are determined by a training needs analysis. We have a range of training courses available from Initial Training to Train-The-Trainer courses.

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There are a range of benefits associated with SCM Europe training, from safety to understanding trauma and behaviours. The training is designed to avoid escalating behaviours while creating a culture of positive growth and support.

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We provide training across a range of sectors from health and social care to education, transport and justice settings. Training can be delivered at our dedicated training centres in the West of Scotland or at the clients' location.

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